An afternoon in the city

On Sunday, January 15th, we had breakfast with dear friends in Annapolis then spent the afternoon in D.C. proper.  We did the usual Tourists things: seeing monuments and the White House.  Unfortunately we were unable to behold some of the wonders, in all their glory, because of the upcoming inauguration.  Many of the areas, including the White House were fenced off and partially out of sight. 

Currently, My favorite restaurant in the entire world is Founding Farmers. It is the absolute best food you can get.  I make it a staple in every visit to the area.  Needless to say, our experience was wonderful; they make amazing food and cocktails.  Before eating, while waiting outside, a group of gals were lining up for a photo and I offered to take it for them.  I proceeded to ask if I could take their photo on my camera.  I admit it, its a little intimidating to ask strangers to take their picture but its a great way to strike up some conversation and interact with a lot of people.