Concert with “The Brilliance & Jon Mark McMillan”

Some friends of ours, Andrew & Hannah, invited us to go to a concert. To be honest, we didn’t really listen to much of the headliner’s tunes but we like to say “yes” to hanging out as much as possible! 

Overall, it was a good show & a fun time hanging out with some couples that we are getting to know. 

All photos were shot on my iPhone and edited with the mobile app - VSCO.  



Houndstooth, Dallas, Texas

Had a nice pour over at Houndstooth this morning.  I became familiar with this coffeeshop while living in Austin.  I didn't visit it too often but its good and many folks love it.  

I really enjoyed their interiors; it has a great look an feel. 

Also, the experience was neat because its my wife's birthday! 


In my opinion, Instagram is the best social media platform — it actually does a decent job of creating spaces for people to connect.

Yesterday, I attended an Instagram Meet-Up jointly hosted by the National Breast Cancer Foundation and InstaDFW.  A myriad of creatives collaborating to create art that bring awareness to breast cancer. 

Here are a few selects from the afternoon. 







Jake Dockins— @jakedockins  

Photo Editing

Working through some landscape images from our trip to France a few months ago.  View some before/after photos below.  

*After on the left and Before on the right*

All images taken with the Sony A7ii--Sigma 35mm f1.4 Art Lens & Edited using Mastin Labs. 

Location -- Etretat, France

Normandy, France

Amanda & I took a stellar trip to France in April.  After spending a few days in Paris we rented a Fiat 500 and roamed around the French country-side and northern coast in search of castles & wineries.  Here are a few selects from that 3 day road trip.

Spring Break Weekend at Club Lake in Greenville, Texas

Amanda & I are part of a lovely community group in College Station.  It consists of 7 young married couples all within a few years of tying the knot.  Also, all of the couples are currently childless which is why we named our group "Before the Babies Boom".  We decided to take a trip up to Club Lake in Greenville, TX.  It was a swell weekend or as the young folks say "it was lit".  

I made a highlight video of our weekend; it is linked below.   The video portrays the entire weekend as being one day.  There are also some select photos from the weekend as well. Enjoy!

Dallas//Fort Worth

Amanda traveled to the Dallas//Fort Worth area this weekend.  Spent a little time with my brother and ate great food. 

Some of the Notable places we visited:
1. Thompson's Bookstore Cocktail Bar : An amazing speak easy in Downtown, Fort Worth. Be sure to like there FaceBook page to find the weekly password to get in. 
2. Mudsmith : An awesome coffeehouse in Lower Greenville, Dallas. Great Coffee and great vibes.
3. Bolsa :  Great brunch at Bolsa. I highly recommend stopping there if you're in the Dallas area. 

College Station//George Bush Library

On Saturday we had a few friends come to College Station to hangout for the day.  

Per usual, I grabbed my Sony a7ii with my 55mm Zeiss and documented the day. 



I got a haircut at 4.0 Cuts Barber Salon.  Overall it was a pretty good experience. They offered me a cold beverage while waiting for my appointment which was, in my opinion, excellent customer care. 

4.0 Cuts Barber Salon

4.0 Cuts Barber Salon

Wine Saturday

Since moving to College Station we have spent just about every weekend out-of-town. Thats for a flurry of reasons.  College Station is located about an hour and a half drive away from some really fun cities; places we didn't really visit as often when we lived in Austin. 

College Station has a lot of hidden gems. It's not a barren place, when it comes to entertainment; it just takes a bit of looking around to find it and that's exactly what we did today.  

We tried out "Downtown Uncoorked Wine Bar" & "The Village Cafe & Art Gallery".  I had some work to catch up on and "The Village Cafe & Art Gallery" was a great place to grab breakfast and post up with my laptop for a few hours. (also the have pitchers of Mimosas for $12!!) 

"Downtown Uncoorked Wine Bar"  was a great spot as well.  We stopped it for a bite as soon as it opened at 3 p.m.  The wine list is expansive and every wine we tasted was superb!  Definitely a spot to check out if you're in the area. 



An afternoon in the city

On Sunday, January 15th, we had breakfast with dear friends in Annapolis then spent the afternoon in D.C. proper.  We did the usual Tourists things: seeing monuments and the White House.  Unfortunately we were unable to behold some of the wonders, in all their glory, because of the upcoming inauguration.  Many of the areas, including the White House were fenced off and partially out of sight. 

Currently, My favorite restaurant in the entire world is Founding Farmers. It is the absolute best food you can get.  I make it a staple in every visit to the area.  Needless to say, our experience was wonderful; they make amazing food and cocktails.  Before eating, while waiting outside, a group of gals were lining up for a photo and I offered to take it for them.  I proceeded to ask if I could take their photo on my camera.  I admit it, its a little intimidating to ask strangers to take their picture but its a great way to strike up some conversation and interact with a lot of people.