Tribe + Glory

I'm fortunate enough to know, and be surrounded by, great people.  I can do a 360 degree turn within my inner circle and each individual is just awesome. 

One of those folks, Loren Thomas, Co-Founded a
Women's Empowerment Organization: Tribe + Glory

"Tribe + Glory empowers and activates female entrepreneurs to achieve self-sustainability through relationshipcraftsmanship, and entrepreneurship. Our entrepreneurship training model empowers women to live above the poverty line and create for themselves a sustainable income. It is our desire to equip women with the necessary skills to achieve their dreams, and become agents of transformation in their communities." -Excerpted from T+G Website

Twice now, My wife & I have been to Zirobwe, where a T+G program operated; once before Tribe + Glory was started and once after.  I'm not exaggerating when I say: Tribe + Glory has made a huge difference in the lives of these women and their families! 

These women are able to earn enough money, through Tribe + Glory's jewelry sales, to pay for food and water, send their children to school, and save for their futures.   

This past week, I was happy to "Join the Tribe" by curating new content for their social media and website.  Click "here"  to learn more out Tribe + Glory and follow their journey as they expand their impact into Kamuli Village, Uganda and beyond. 



"Oh the weather outside is frightful..." Not in Florida! 

The weather was actually perfect this Christmas.  Temperatures were in the high 70's most of the day.  Me, my wife, and my cousins decided to spend some time at the river before catching a Christmas movie. 

At the movies, we saw "Fences".  It is an awesome film featuring: Viola Davis & Denzel Washington.  An emotional roller coaster, the movie walks viewers through the life of Troy Maxson, the main character.  Troy, the son of a freed slave, struggled as a father and husband and this movie did a great job of showing the repercussions in his family. 

My wife, Amanda

My wife, Amanda

Left to Right: Tadisha, Kymoye, & Lashonda

Left to Right: Tadisha, Kymoye, & Lashonda